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The Curzon NFL Football Playoff Package!

The Curzon presents The Curzon NFL Football Playoff Package! We will be hosting the NFL Playoffs each weekend during the month of January, leading up to our annual Super Bowl Party on Sunday, February 2, 2014. With our comfy couches, warm atmosphere, and great staff, this experience is like watching the game in the comfort of your own home.

We open at noon, just in time for the first game of the day, which features the San Diego Chargers at the Cincinnati Bengals at 1:05pm, followed by the San Francisco Forty-Niners at the Green Bay Packers at 4:40pm.

There are plenty of food and drink specials during each game, including $5 pints of Sapporo, $3 shots of Canadian Club Whiskey, $3 shots of Devil’s Cut Bourbon, $5 chicken wings and $8 nachos.

The Curzon will also be introducing a delicious new Signature Cocktail, The Killer Curzon Devil’s Cut Caesar!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!Image


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